From Firefighter to Sherpa

The day-to-day life of a high school counselor isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, is it? We get the frustration of having college counseling pushed to the backburner every time someone pops in with an issue that needs to be handled yesterday. Urgent and even not-so-urgent matters have to take priority over college counseling.

At the same time, those college fairs and college visits have to be successful. Students need to be registered, show up, and get matched with the right colleges. By the way, are you prepared for all those college counseling appointments?

Our tools help you do more in less time so college counseling gets the attention it deserves, along with the other important work you do each day.

Let Technology Do the Heavy Lifting

Our technology was developed with one question in mind. How can we make life easier for real people and create more value for everyone involved in the college search process? This question precedes everything we build and do, and it shows.

College Fairs and Visits, Simplified

Gearing up for an in-person or virtual college fair? Students can fill out a profile from their phone or laptop, or you can register all students with express registration. Just choose a fair and upload a spreadsheet. Students then receive automated text and email confirmations and event reminders, along with their own personal barcode.

Teeing up a high school visit? Same drill. Registered students get a barcode that results in a better experience for them AND the colleges.

Using the GTCF MobileScan App, the barcode is scanned by colleges at in-person fairs and college visits so they don’t have to waste time filling out paper cards. Some students feel overwhelmed by these events, so we even help take the pressure off by providing sample questions for college reps. Students receive these questions in the same email as their barcode.

School. Student. Match.

College Matchmaking® connects students with colleges based on five key fit and retention factors. If at least four out of five factors match, the odds of the student enrolling, having a positive experience, and tossing their cap in the air at graduation go through the roof.

Fun-but-also-Serious Fact:

Students see twice as many colleges at fairs with College Matchmaking®!

Analytics that Matter

Which students registered and attended? Which colleges did each student visit? Which schools scanned each student’s barcode at an in-person fair? Which college booths did each student click at a virtual fair? All the answers are found in your Counselor Dashboard.

Of course, reporting goes a few layers deeper than individual events. Your College Interest Report provides a three-year look back at colleges that connected with your students. This shows you which colleges have shown the most interest in your students so you know which ones to invite for college visits.

And when it’s time for those college counseling appointments, all the reports and information you need will be at your fingertips. Just open your Counselor Dashboard. Done.