Smarter, Simpler High School Visits

Along Came a Scanner.

Scanning technology has come a long way since the first barcode was scanned at a grocery store almost 50 years ago, and it’s a game-changer for the college search process. With our platform data collection is quick and efficient, engagement is seamless, tracking activity is simple, and analytics are loaded with valuable insights. For high school visits, the GTCF Mobile Scan app is a dream come true.

The college has the scanning app. » The students have a barcode. » The college scans the barcode to capture student data.

Not since 1+1=2 has something been so simple.

Instant Connect

As soon as a student’s barcode is scanned, the student receives an email from the college with the admission rep’s name, photo, phone number, email, college logo, and customized text. The student can place a face with the name, remember the conversation, and respond immediately, later when they get home, or whenever.

That’s Instant Connect. Appropriately named because colleges and students instantly connect. Colleges can use the data they received on the spot during their conversation with the student, and then follow up later and continue to build a relationship. See? Simple.

for Real

When a student’s barcode is scanned, the college rep can rank the student interest and add customized notes. Scanning has many features that colleges find practical and useful.