How can I promote the use of the barcode to the counselors and students?

The best way to ensure students arrive at your fair with barcodes in hand is to:
• Consider Express Registration, where counselors upload the entire junior and/or senior class to us and we send back unique barcodes for each one.

Please note that this feature is not available for virtual fairs. Learn more here.
• Suggest schools display the provided promotional posters in school hallways and the counselor’s office.
• Remind students about the benefits of online registration in the school’s newsletter.
• Ask the school to advertise the fair and the automation process on their website and in their upcoming events section.

What is the benefit of using the barcode and why should it be promoted?

Bringing a barcode provides students and colleges with a lot of advantages, like:
• Maximizing students’ time at the fair by eliminating the process of filling out information cards
• Streamlining the flow of traffic through the fair
•  Ensuring student information is complete and legible
•  Improving communication opportunities with prospective students
•  Eliminating paper for an environmentally-friendly fair

Can colleges order GTCF MobileScan on-site?

Yes, colleges can get GTCF MobileScan the same day and immediately begin scanning. The app is free to download in the app stores.

How/when do the colleges receive the student information?

Once scanned and uploaded, the leads will be available immediately in the secure college portal. Sign in here https://register.gotocollegefairs.com/Account/LogIn. The portal can only be accessed by using the email address that was provided when the order was placed.

How does the scanning program make a college fair better?

Having the scanning program in place allows students to create a secure online profile that is encrypted in a barcode. When they bring their barcode to the fair, college reps can scan it to gain access to their information and make following up easier. Automation essentially eliminates the need for prospect cards, which take a long time to fill out and often leave reps with incomplete or illegible information.

For Students
Students visit gotocollegefairs.com to register for a fair, get a barcode they can print or screenshot, and come to the fair.  Easy.
For Colleges and Universities
Institutions that are attending the fair have a scanning app on their mobile device (smartphone or tablet), allowing them to easily access prospective students’ information. Also easy.

What is on-site registration and how can it be beneficial for my upcoming college fair?

On-site registration acts as a safety net for students who forget to register ahead of time. To offer on-site registration for your students you’ll want to consider:

• A table with computers and printers available at the fair
• A computer lab to which you can easily direct students to register and print their barcodes
• Displaying the QR code to registration so students can register on a smartphone 

What data do the colleges receive and in what format?

Colleges receive all of the information the students whose barcodes they have collected provided during registration. The information is available in .xls and .csv format.  Learn more here.

Who can colleges contact if they have questions or need further assistance?

Email info@gotocollegefairs.com, initiate a chat on the gotocollegefairs.com website, or open a ticket in our help center.