Why make the switch to automation?

There are a few reasons why automation is better for everyone.
• You get complete, legible information for each student who visits your booth
• Student data is efficiently added to your database
• Students can move from booth to booth faster so you can meet more of them
• Going paperless is a big win for the environment

How will I access the student data I collected?

When your order was placed, an email address was provided to receive your lead email notifications and to access your associated GTCF college portal. Once scanned and uploaded, the leads will be available immediately in your secure college portal. You can sign in here: https://register.gotocollegefairs.com/Account/LogIn

Where can I use GTCF MobileScan to obtain lead data?

You can use GTCF MobileScan app on the road to gather lead data at any GTCF automated in-person college fair you attend, in the US and abroad.  You can also use it at high school visits and on-campus events.
Click here to check out our subscription options and place your order

How do I order GTCF MobileScan?

You can check out the GTCF MobileScan options and place your order here.
Download the GTCF MobileScan app for free in Google Play and The App Store. You will need to place an order here to get your access code.  Once you place your order and receive your access code, you will have immediate access to begin scanning, and unlimited leads on all subscription types.

Which app subscription is right for my college or university?

Gotocollegefairs.com offers two simple subscriptions: annual and one-day use. To pick which one is right for you, consider how many fairs each rep is planning to attend.  Both annual and one-day use subscriptions are for a single user, and include unlimited leads, so if a rep is planning to recruit on more than 8 days in a year ($25/day unlimited leads), it’s worth getting the annual subscription ($200/year, unlimited leads).  Feel free to mix your order with what each of your reps might need.

What is Address Verification?

With address verification, we’ll convert each student’s self-reported address into a USPS bulk mail compliant format and provide it as a separate column alongside the address they entered.
Address verification helps you seriously cut down on returned mail, and using our service can save you a ton of money by eliminating the need for third-party list cleansing methods.  If you have several reps who need apps, place one collective order to save on this service.

How many scans are included in my subscription?

All of our app subscriptions include unlimited leads.

What if a student loses his/her barcode?

Students can reprint their code any time by logging back into the event.  Their data is saved with a username and password.

Will all students have barcodes?

Now that automated fairs have been around for a while, high school counselors do a pretty good job of making sure students register online. There will always be exceptions; however, it’s a good idea to keep some prospect cards with you as a backup.  You might also want to have the QR code handy for students to register at your table (if you don’t have this yet, your fair organizer should have a copy for you).  It is still faster for them to do that (kids have quick thumbs to register on their mobile devices!), and you will get more complete student info.  

Will college admissions representatives receive information on all students who have pre-registered for a fair?

To maintain the privacy of student information, reps will only get the profile information of students who visit their tables and allow them to scan their barcodes.  For virtual fairs, reps will get the info of students who visit the virtual booth or watch that college’s presentation.  Reps will also get the profile info from students who are considered a match via our exclusive College Matchmaking® service.

How can I use the scanning app for high school visits?

We encourage it, and there is no extra charge.  High school visits, college fairs, and on-campus events are all included in your scanning app subscription.  At a high school visit, scan the student barcode the same as you would at a college fair or on-campus event.

What is College Matchmaking®?

This service benefits students and colleges by helping them find each other more easily.  During registration, students and colleges are asked 5 questions to find a match.  Because we only match if there are four out of five answers shared (we call this a close match) or five out of five answers shared (we call this a best match), these are true matches that both parties can trust.  Learn more here.

How can I use GoToCollegeFairs for my on-campus events?

We provide options for both virtual and in-person on-campus events that are completely branded to your institution and incredibly easy to manage.  Learn more about those options here