There’s Got to Be a Better Way… Right?

College fairs aren’t easy to pull off. You have a lot of moving parts between colleges, students, parents, and counselors. Some register, prepare, and show up. Others don’t. Some read emails and even respond. Others don’t.

You have the planning, marketing, communication, execution, and reporting under your umbrella, and you have different tools that don’t always play nicely together. And college fair planning might not even be your main job. Sometimes adding fair planning to your plate feels like a heaping side dish of stress.

Why Fair Planners ♥ Our Software


It’s so easy to use. We’re talking psychic-level intuitiveness here. Click, drag, boom.


Manage registration, payments, communication,
speakers, sessions, and more.


Our overachieving software does the tedious work so you can focus on actual people.


Include more colleges and offer unlimited info sessions. Online events have no limits.


What do you want to know? Use post-fair data and analytics to get the answers.


Make a buck or two by setting your own pricing and casting a wider sponsor net.

Cupid’s Got Nothing on Us

Our College Matchmaking® tool connects colleges and students based on five fit and retention factors. Schools can fill their application funnel with 10 times more (on average, and yes, this data blew us away, too!) qualified leads. Students can focus on schools that have what they’re looking for, and you look like the hero that you are. Win-win-win.

Lose the Cards. Get the App.

No more paper cards! With the GTCF MobileScan App, colleges can collect student data by scanning a barcode. Students and colleges can spend more time getting to know each other and colleges won’t have to worry about data integrity. Mobile scanning also allows you to track a wide range of fair metrics that can be used to analyze your college fair and improve the next one.