Mobile Scanning for the Win

It’s amazing how seemingly simple technology like GTCF Mobile Scan, our barcode scanning app, can dramatically improve in-person college fairs for colleges, students, fair planners, and counselors. But it does. Big time. Students and admissions reps spend more time having meaningful conversations as paper cards go the way… But it does, big time.

  • Students and admissions reps spend more time having meaningful conversationsas paper cards go the way of the dodo bird.
  • Colleges see more students. Students see more colleges. Applications = up.
  • Colleges easily collect student data and follow up with leads.
  • Scan. Track. Simple. Colleges and fair planners track activity based on scans during the event and use that data to make the next fair even better.
  • Counselors see which colleges generated the most interest and plan high school visits accordingly.

Here’s How Scanning Works

Names and Data and Engagement, Oh My.

College reps set up profiles in the app, and students set up profiles when they register. Student profiles include a boatload of valuable information, including their name, high school, graduation year, contact information, extra curriculars, GPA, academic interests, and more. College rep profiles include their name, photo, university logo, and contact information. In-person college fairs can be a whirlwind, so this allows students to attach a name with every face.

Instant Connect

As soon as a student’s barcode is scanned, the student receives an email from the college with the admission rep’s name, photo, phone number, email, college logo, and customized text. The student can place a face with the name, remember the conversation, and respond immediately, later when they get home, or whenever.

That’s Instant Connect. Appropriately named because colleges and students instantly connect. Colleges can use the data they received on the spot during their conversation with the student, and then follow up later and continue to build a relationship. See? Simple.

The Scanning Experience

If your table is hopping, use Rapid Scan to quickly collect the data of a group of students. Your phone will vibrate each time a student is scanned. If you accidentally scan a student more than once, don’t sweat it. The scanning app can spot duplicates and let you know. It’s smart like that.If you’re having difficulty scanning for any reason, you can always enter and upload data manually. We don’t often see this scenario, but we are a safety net kind of people.We’re all about redundancy and simplicity. We want to make sure you feel good about capturing the data you need to get.

Scan Offline if Wi-Fi Is Weak

Internet traffic jams are common on fair day, especially in older facilities that aren’t set up for heavy demand. If venue internet is more like inter-not, the app will tell you connectivity is poor and automatically switch to offline scanning. No worries with our app. You don’t need internet connection to scan, only to upload.

Follow Up with Leads

Common question: How will I get my leads after the fair? Honest answer: In real-time. Go into your lead portal to view leads from each college fair. See how students have engaged and implement your follow-up strategy immediately, if you like.

Your Data Is Safe with Us

We’re up to speed on the latest regulations – state, federal, even international. Our minimum data security requirements go far beyond all of them. We have kids, so we know how important data privacy and protection is. That’s why we’ve jumped through hoops to build a fortress around any data collected through our technology.

FeaturesGoToCollegeFairsOur Competitor
Scan by event (event is reported in student lead file)
Upon Scan, student data appears on screen
Scans are automatically uploaded in the background of app, no concern about lost leads, no delay
Student scanning: redundancy through manual entry (useful if student barcode is unreadable)
Student scanning (scan with qualify or quick scan: all features work both online and offline)
In-app reporting number of scans by event
Instant Student Connect: Customized email sent to student immediately upon scan. Includes rep name, rep email and profile picture, university logo (no wait for next day report)
Real time leads delivered immediately and securely with username and password access (NOT EMAILED)

Goodbye Prospect Cards!

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