How do I create a counselor account?

Visit gotocollegefairs.com to create or access your account. Click on “Login” to access or set up your account.  Here is a step-by-step guide

Why should I encourage a student to register?

The registration process for a student is simple and it makes the college fair experience much more efficient and enjoyable. No need for students to complete prospect cards at each college table. This also allows your fairs to be touchless! Each student will fill out a registration form online and provide their information only once, elaborating on their academic interests and more. This increases face-to-face time for both the admissions representative and the student.

Do I have the ability to register a student?

Once a student has created a profile (registered for a fair) you have the ability to select the last option from your dashboard “Register students for another fair” and then, after selecting each student you wish to register, follow the few simple steps to complete the registration. No need to complete a new registration form.

You may also choose to utilize our express registration service which allows you to upload a spreadsheet to register many students at one time.  Learn more about that here.

Can I print the student barcodes?

From your counselor account, you have the ability to either bulk or individually print the students’ barcodes. Each student will also receive an email and text reminder with their barcode attached, two days prior to the fair.

Can a student register on their smartphone?

Yes, a student can use their smartphone to register for any of our fairs. We suggest taking a screenshot of the barcode if needed (remember, barcodes are not necessary for virtual fairs). The college’s scanning app will read the barcode from a student’s smartphone.

Can a student register at the fair?

It is always recommended that a student registers prior to attending a college fair. However, as a safety net, if your school is hosting an event, you can set up a few computers and printers to offer on-site registration on the day of the event and/or posters with a QR code to allow students to register from their smartphones. Remember, not all fairs will offer on-site registration, so encourage students to register beforehand. 

Can I use GoToCollegeFairs when I invite college reps to my high school for a visit?

We encourage it. There is absolutely no charge to you as a high school/counselor, and high school visits are included in your college reps app subscription, so all you have to do is let them know it’s available, and get your students registered for that event.  Learn more about that here.