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Matchy-Matchy, In a Good Way.

Colleges see more applications, higher enrollment numbers, and higher retention rates when they engage well with students who are the right fit. For even better results, the two sides need to engage as early in the college search process as possible. That’s exactly what our intuitive, easy-to-use College Matchmaking® service is designed to do.

Yep, we checked that metric. Twice.

College Matchmaking® is generating at least 10 times as many leads for colleges. Because the launch at college fairs was so successful, we decided to offer College Matchmaking® as a standalone service.

Keep in mind that these are legit leads who are truly interested in what the school has to offer, because we only match if at least 4 of the 5 available attributes are shared by the student and the college. At the same time, College Matchmaking® enables students to learn more about relevant schools in their search process – not just any schools, but colleges that check the most important boxes.

Ask the Right Questions. Get Actionable Answers.

Both colleges and students complete a matchmaking questionnaire. This ensures that all answers are fresh and accurate. Instead of simply buying a list of leads based on demographic data, colleges see the real preferences of real students in real-time. Our system will match college attributes with student interests in five key areas:

  1. Campus size (small, medium, large)
  2. Campus setting (urban, suburban, rural)
  3. Areas of study (a large list of categories)
  4. Institution type (two-year, four-year, private, public, etc.)
  5. Geographic region

Stay through graduation and toss the cap in the air, or transfer to a different school? That’s how important these five factors are to a student’s college experience, which is why higher ed professionals call them the “fit and retention factors.” They have been proven to matter. A lot.

Less Random. More Purpose.

College Matchmaking® creates a college search roadmap for students. To get started on the journey, students are emailed a list of “best match” (5-for-5) and “close match” (4-for-5) institutions, including schools they probably hadn’t considered. Students can then navigate the college search process with clarity and purpose instead of wandering aimlessly

through the search process and hoping for the best. In the same email, students also receive a list of questions to ask colleges so they can make the most out of each stop on their journey. It’s all about feeding good information into the decision-making process, removing doubt, and building confidence.

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