More Engagement. Better Experience. More Applications. Better Retention.

Make Your Fairs More Better

Easy, grammar police. We’re trying to make a point here.

Whether your college fairs are in-person, virtual, or both, the goals are always the same: create more engagement opportunities for students and colleges. Matching students with the right schools increases applications, enrollment, and retention.

It’s not rocket science, or at least it shouldn’t be – if you have the right tools to simplify the process.

College Fair Planning Software

Fair Planning Is Hard.
We Make It Easier.

We’ve partnered with Swoogo to provide you with the best of both worlds – our nearly 20 years of experience with the college search process and Swoogo’s ridiculously easy-to-use, custom-built event planning software. You’ll get everything you need to manage in-person and virtual college fairs, all in a single solution.

Mobile Scanning App

Scan. Engage. Inspire. Repeat.

Students and college reps can have longer, more meaningful conversations. Data can be collected more quickly, efficiently, and accurately. Activity throughout the in-person college fairs journey can be tracked more precisely. At the end of the day, insights extracted from between the lines of a barcode can be used to build relationships between schools and students.

All of this can be accomplished with our simple mobile scanning app. Crazy, right?

Virtual College Fairs

Like A Real College Fair, Because It Is

We worked with higher ed professionals, students, school counselors, and tech wizards to create a virtual college fair platform that is the only one of it’s kind, specifically built by and for the college fair audience.