A Less Stressful College Search

What type of school should I go to? How far away is it? How big is it? What majors interest me? What questions should I ask to figure out what I want from my college experience? Once I figure out this stuff, how do I find the right schools so I can start applying?

The college years help you figure out who you are and what you want out of life. Finding the right place to grow and develop can set the tone for a life that’s not only financially successful, but happy and rewarding. We’re here to help.

Like a Glove

College Matchmaking® matches students and schools based on five key factors that typically determine whether students get the most from their college experience in and out of the classroom:

  1. Campus size (small, medium, large)
  2. Campus setting (urban, suburban, rural)
  3. Areas of study (a large list of categories)
  4. Institution type (two-year, four-year, private, public, etc.)
  5. Geographic region

The process of getting matched begins with filling out your profile on your phone or laptop and telling us what you’re looking for. We’ll show you which schools are the best fit so you can seek out those schools during college fairs or even earlier!

Finding the Finalists

Using the GTCF MobileScan App, schools will scan the barcode you received when you filled out your profile. This eliminates the hand-cramping process of filling out paper cards so you can spend more time talking to college reps. We’ll even provide you with questions to break the ice and start gathering information.

When you go to a college fair, visit as many college booths as you’d like and start to get to know each other. If a school that interests you visits your high school, this is the perfect time to get better acquainted and see if it feels right.

On-Campus Visits:
When College Gets Real

Now it’s getting serious. You’re thinking of applying. Maybe you even applied already. But you need to see the campus up close. You need to find out if it feels right.

We partner with colleges for open houses, orientations, private visits, and other on-campus events to make sure you get the full campus experience. When you leave, you’ll have a much better idea if the school is “the one” so you can make a confident decision.