Less Time on the Deets. More Time on the Feels.

On-campus visits can make or break the college decision. With so much on the line, don’t get buried in the minutiae of managing an event.

Our on-campus event management software is the ultimate do-everything platform that allows you to focus on making students fall in love with your school’s awesomeness.

Manage unlimited events with unlimited users and unlimited attendees. Host in-person and/or virtual events. You’ll have all the functionality you need, fully integrated in a single web-based interface. No trip to the app store required.

Event planning, registration, and marketing before the event?

Organize activities to engage students. Create a registration form to collect standard data and customize questions to dig deeper if you’d like. Use our templates to build an event website and email campaigns that engage, engage, engage. Make your campus irresistible.

Event day experience check-ins and tracking during the event?

Check-ins throughout the event make it possible to track the entire attendee journey – Q&A sessions, presentations, department visits, alumni networking, lunches, dinners, and more. And you won’t be limited to a standard dropdown menu. Create it. Track it. Measure it.

Analytics and reporting after the event?

Which activities were well-attended? Which departments generated the most interest? What did the entire the journey of each individual student look like? Engagement is great. Knowing who engaged with what? Even better. If you think you’ve seen legit analytics platforms for on-campus events, wait until you see our Touchpoints system. We’ve got game.

Choosing a college isn’t about “pros and cons” lists. It’s about a feeling that says, “This place is for me. This is where I belong.” Let us help you make it happen.