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We’re making the college fair circuit much more efficient for you. You register ONE TIME, RIGHT HERE, and you get a barcode you can take to any of the automated fairs (click here for a complete list). Put an end to filling out info cards at every table. Instead, spend your time talking with the schools and finding out what YOU want to know. For more info on how this all works, click here.

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If you’ve been on the college fair scene for the last few years, you’ve seen how we are increasing the amount of data you can collect while giving you more time to connect with your prospects. Learn more here.

Helpful Information From Our Blog:

Top 5 Reasons to Make a Campus Visit

Campus visits are and often time-consuming, expensive, and, let’s face it, intimidating. However, they’re also a very important part of the college search process. After all, this is where you’re going to live for the next four years. And sure, you’ve seen lots of photos on the brochures, but you wouldn’t buy a house without visiting it in person, would you?

Parent Tips: DO’s and DON’Ts of Helping Your Child Apply for College

The college application process can feel daunting to anyone, never mind sixteen- or seventeen-year-olds trying to balance their social lives, romance lives, and . . . oh yeah, high school grades. That’s why it’s important that you, their parent, step in and partner with them through this life-changing process.

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