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We’re making the college fair circuit much more efficient for you. You register ONE TIME, RIGHT HERE, and you get a barcode you can take to any of the automated fairs (click here for a complete list). Put an end to filling out info cards at every table. Instead, spend your time talking with the schools and finding out what YOU want to know. For more info on how this all works, click here.

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If you’ve been on the college fair scene for the last few years, you’ve seen how we are increasing the amount of data you can collect while giving you more time to connect with your prospects. Learn more here.

Helpful Information From Our Blog:

8 Ways to Show a College They’re Your Top Pick

So you’ve done the research, narrowed your list, and come out with one—or two, or three—top schools. These are your dream schools, or at least the ones you want to attend the most. The ones where you can envision yourself walking across campus, wind in your hair, smile on your face, synapses strengthening with every class, friends multiplying the moment you step foot onto the green manicured grass of the academic quad. This is where you want to go to college. Case closed.

The 6 Things Incoming Freshman Need to Know About FERPA

As a brand new college student, the term “education record” probably sounds neither scary, nor sexy. After all, that’s just grades right? And your senior year English teacher used to staple A+ papers to the classroom bulletin board, so there’s no real confidentiality when it comes to who earned what . . . right?

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