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Streamlining the College Fair Experience

How does it work?

How do students register?

With a few quick clicks, students can fill out an online registration form just once. This universal form allows them to provide all their basic information as well as gives them the opportunity to elaborate on interests, extra-curricular activities, special accomplishments, etc., which they might not be inclined (or able) to provide on card after card at each table at the fair. The form is currently being optimized for easy access from mobile phones too.

This process generates a personalized barcode that students print out or display on their phone and bring to the fair. The barcode pass provides a quick method for colleges and universities to gather student information. Automating this process ensures that accurate, complete, legible student information is readily available to every college representative that scans the barcode.

How do scanners work?

Each admissions representative is equipped with a pocket-sized, laser scanner. As students visit tables, college admissions representatives simply scan the barcodes to collect student information. College representatives still have complete discretion over whom they choose to scan. This is not a machine where students can "swipe" the barcode without talking to a representative. At the end of the fair, representatives upload the data to our secure servers. In as little as 2-3 days after the upload, colleges are emailed either an excel spreadsheet or csv file (you choose the format that works best for your admissions office systems) with all the student data collected.

Gotocollegefairs.com offers an efficient, automated college fair solution, which helps reduce (or eliminate!) long lines and the need for inconvenient often unreadable student information cards. This technology streamlines the overall college fair experience, improves your communication with prospective students, and provides a budget friendly method of adding student information into college databases. Rent a scanner for months at a time during your travel season, and ensure that you are prepared to gather crucial student data at any automated college fair you attend. Click here to view our comprehensive scanner rental packages.

Where will scanners work?

You can now use gotocollegefairs.com scanners at ANY automated college fair in the country! Check here for a growing list of automated college fairs nationwide. If you don't see the shows you normally attend, let us know on the sidebar to the left. We'll make sure they are part of the list soon.

In the meantime, you can still take advantage of the benefits our automated solutions have to offer your recruitment process. Send a link to your private list of prospects and invite them to register at www.gotocollegefairs.com. Once prospective students are registered, you can efficiently scan and capture their data anywhere you see them (officially automated or not) and move right into conversation.

How do colleges receive student data collected in the scanner?

At the end of a fair, a college representative uploads student data from the scanner to our secure servers. In as little as 2-3 days after the upload, a secure username and password will be emailed to you. After logging in using your username and password, colleges can download either an excel spreadsheet or csv file (you can choose the format that works best with your admissions office systems) with all the student profile data that was collected. See example.

This spreadsheet is sent to the email address specified in the ordering form. Tip: Often the individual ordering the scanner(s) is not the individual who needs to receive the username and password to enable the leads downloading process. Please be sure to choose this email address intentionally when filling out the ordering form, so your leads will get to the right place the first time around!

Is the data secure?

During the online registration process, student profile information is securely stored on our servers and a personalized barcode is generated, which students print out and bring with them to the fairs. This encryption process is the first layer of security. During fairs, admissions reps scan the barcodes with a small, hand-held device. Only reps who have been presented the barcode can retrieve that particular student's data. This is the second layer of security, offering students complete control over whom they choose to share their data with. After the fair, colleges are emailed a username and password to retrieve the leads. This username and password process is the third layer of security. Only by using the username and password at our secure site will colleges be able to retrieve their leads. Gotocollegefairs.com is FERPA compliant.

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