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FAQ's for Students

  • Why should I pre-register for a college fair?

    The pre-registration process for students is simple and makes the college fair experience more efficient. You fill out a registration form out just once, allowing you the opportunity to elaborate on interests, extra-curricular activities, special accomplishments, etc., which you might not be inclined (or able) to provide on card after card at the fair. This automated process generates a personalized barcode that you print out and bring with you to the fair. College admissions representatives that you speak with can simply scan your barcode and your profile data will be automatically sent to them in a secure, electronic format for future follow-up. No long lines to wait in; no tedious information cards to fill out. Instead, spend your valuable time talking with admissions representatives and learning about colleges and universities. To avoid long lines, we strongly encourage students to pre-register for a fair online.

  • Where will my barcode work?

    Your gotocollegefairs.com barcode will work at any automated fair. Now, instead of filling out all those tedious student information cards at each table you visit, the admissions representatives you choose to speak with can simply scan your barcode with a hand-held device and efficiently capture your profile data for their files. If you pre-registered for a fair somewhere other than this site and received a barcode, no need to register again here. ANY barcode you have produced through ANY avenue of pre-registration will work at any automated fair.

  • How does my barcode work?

    Gotocollegefairs.com’s quick and easy online pre-registration process encrypts your student profile data and generates a personalize barcode that identifies you. You print this barcode out and bring it with you to any automated college fair that you register for. At each fair you attend, the college admissions representatives that you speak with can simply scan your barcode, and your profile data will be automatically sent to them in a secure, electronic format for future follow-up. Only the colleges to whom you present your barcode will get your information. You are in complete control of your profile information.

  • Is my contact information secure?

    Yes! Through the online pre-registration process, your student profile information is encrypted and a barcode is generated, which you print out and bring with you to college fairs. Only the admissions representatives that you choose to share this information with can scan your barcode and have your information sent to their secure databases. Gotocollegefairs.com is FERPA compliant and holds your privacy as one of our utmost priorities. We never sell, rent or lease your information to anyone for any reason.

  • What if I lose or forget to bring my barcode to a fair?

    You will notice a “reprint” button at the top of the student registration page. If you lose your barcode, simply click this button and enter your phone number to reprint your personalized barcode again. It’s really important for you to remember to bring the barcode to the fairs. Otherwise, you will have to go back to filling out cards at every table!

  • What if I want to edit or update my profile information?

    After your initial pre-registration is submitted to gotocollegefairs.com, you will receive a confirmation email containing a username and password. At any time, you can use this username and password to log in to your gotocollegefairs.com account and make changes to your profile information.

  • What if my parent(s) want to come to a fair with me?

    At the bottom of the registration page, you will see a button for a parent to register with you. This parent registration will be attached to yours, so admissions reps know who’s who. Your registered parent will also have his/her own barcode to use at the fair, so you can split up if necessary to get to all the tables you want to visit.

  • What if a fair I’m attending is not officially automated?

    It’s still a good idea to bring your barcode. Some colleges will have scanners they secured through a long-term rental. Even if the fair is not “officially” automated, you can interact with those colleges via your barcode if you bring it.

  • Can I register for more than one fair?

    Yes! During the pre-registration process, you will have the opportunity to select college fairs you plan to attend. Regardless of how many fairs you plan to visit, you only need to register ONE TIME on gotocollegefairs.com and print out your personalized barcode. This barcode is universal and once you have it, you should take it with you to any college fair you go to.

  • Can I register for another fair using my current username and password?

    Yes. You may access this option by selecting Add a Fair/Update Account/Reprint Barcode button on the homepage.

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